Monday, May 17, 2010

The American Voice, My Opinion

Apparently I have failed to make my point recently with regard to and article concerning the Islamic threat to Israel and the blatant hostility displayed by the people of Islam towards those Jews living peacefully throughout the world. Whereas Israel’s people are fierce warrior’s defending their nation from those who would infringe on their rights to live (i.e. Islam) I do not see this violent disposition filtering into the myriad of other Jewish communities in which they live and work while contributing to both the government tax resources and the culture of their chosen nation of residence. In fact they are more often victims then not. Personally I believe that it would be a serious mistake if the United States turn their back on Israel in their fight since it would only make since to have as an ally any nation who is only a danger to their enemies and only then when they are under attack.

More specifically however my comments were directed much closer to home. I certainly did not intend to imply that we as a nation can afford to back away from our current protagonists, Islam, Mexico and the Socialist Democratic Party of America, but at the same time I am not ready to believe we should form up into armed camps and commit open anarchy or rebellion. I do believe however if we do not wake up the people of this nation to the extremely dangerous times in which we live, they will as is in recent history sit idly by on their front step with that holy ‘er then thou optimistic little smile on their face in the pretense of innocents, while O' Bummer and his bumbling Czars conspire to give away the farm so that we the citizens will no longer have anything left to say about our future nor if the "left" has their way anything left to fight for it with, since most of us are not privileged to live in a conservative environment where the second amendment is viewed as a fundamental given right not a privilege, certainly not those of us living here in California.

Therefore I am certain that the key to our survival now, today, is to open the eyes of the sleeping giant which I call the fundamental American Spirit and start politically taking back our lost resources while rebuilding all of that which our Socialist Democratic Left Wing government and its self serving collaborators, the fence sitting spineless moderates, have all but destroyed.

Though the task is daunting and will come at a cost I believe we must begin with the re-capturing of our borders and the immediate removal, by whatever means necessary, of all those who are living in the United States illegally. Meaning all those citizens of other nations who are systematically an intentionally draining our country both economically and culturally from within our own boundaries and are without legal authority to be here. One has but to look at the daily news to see the contempt of not just the few but the vast majority of these people have for the American people. In Arizona citizens are being threatened and held captive on their own prosperity by Mexican drug dealers and instead of support from our federal government they are criticized and told to not try an enforce our laws against these flagrant trespassers on our soil. It is time to stop this insanity, no other nation in the world including Mexico would tolerate this behavior in their countries so why should we. What is it going to take before the moronic “Left” of this country realizes that we are being used and abused by these people and all the while they are laughing at us, in private of course?

Then of course there is Islam who has gone to great lengths to demonstrate their hatred of us and yet we tolerate them in our cities. What in the world are we doing allowing these back world savages to even be allowed in this country for a vacation let alone allowing them live here and spew their hatred of us. I mean what part of; “they hate us” don’t the people in this country understand and only a complete lunatic would believe that hand shake and a hug could ever win them over. It is time to stop placating these unholy savages and throw them out of here before they take over and kills those of who resist. I say if they want Europe let them have it, actually at least in my opinion, France deserves them anyway; they deserve each other!

I must ask, can it be true that the people of this nation are actually so incredibly stupid that they do not see or recognize that we, not only as a nation but also as a civilization, are in great peril from the world at large not just a select few powerful nations anymore? We have only a fraction of the military and economic power we had fifteen years ago and that was sparse. If one was to stop and take the time to make a realistic appraisal of our national industrial resources and community demographics as they exist today and certainly apart from anything found in the media, they would recognize a portrait of weakness unlike anything seen in the last 60 years. Not since the Wilson administration with its disastrous League of Nations have we been so completely economically and militarily impotent. We as a nation no longer have the resources nor industrial and technical ability to produce the resources necessary to defend this nation against an all out assault like the one on Pearl Harbor in 1940. In fact if the attack on Pearl Harbor were to happen today instead of then, not only would we in all probability lose the war, but our choice of language would most likely depend on who would win the final battle between Germany and Japan, because we, in our arrogant stupidity, have in the aftermath of victory, virtually given away our technological and industrial power base into the hands of those who would gleefully destroy us while possessing our land and our natural resources for themselves. Do not be misled by the public television historical manipulations of fact by their re-writing of history and deliberately elevating our enemy’s demeanor while minimizing our accomplishments while rendering them as haphazard accidents amidst the chaos of war. We met the challenges of World War II with industrial might and a national resolve we cannot hope to equal today unless we find a way to rebuild our economy, bring our industry and jobs back home and put our people back to work rebuilding America. The spirit is still willing but the body is weak and our foes on Capitol Hill are formidable indeed.

Finally let me say this, I am committed to making this nation the best it can be and will do, as I always have, anything I in my limited power to fix what I perceive as broken within the confines of the laws of this land. I commit myself to stand in honor of our flag and speak out boldly in addressing all that I perceive as being morally or ethically wrong with regard to our national standards such as being defined under the Constitution of the United States. Realistically however, it must be stated that I have no specific power beyond that of my not so humble opinion, so it is that which I leave with you today in the hope I have brought a small glimmer of light to some and perhaps a nugget of resolve to others along the way. Let it never be said however that I should turn from the good fight and flee to the relative safety of that which is Politically Correct and therefore a boldfaced lie designated to camouflage the inept and the despicable.
God Bless America and all of you this day!

Hey it is just my not so humble opinion!
Big J

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