Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Do They Really Understand

Hey folk, I was just thinking,

On many of the websites and postings to various patriotic pages I have heard a lot of rhetoric, though well intentioned, where young mostly young female writers are glorifying the warrior in the field bringing honor onto themselves in the face of horrific odds, etc... etc... Whereas I have the highest regard for the men and women serving this nation in our armed forces all over the world, I can’t help but wonder if these young people really understand what this stuff is really about. This is not a video game it is real life and I wonder any of these bright eyed children have ever asked themselves, who are these warriors of this nations military, do they really understand they are real, that its Tom from next door, Bill from the gas station, Charlie from work and Sally from the grocery store, just average men and women who want to give something back to a nation they love. So they leave their families and go to a place where they don’t want to be, to do a job they would rather not do, all the while trying to stay alive by killing the other guys before they kill you. It is not like the movies where super heroes abound tall and strong on a closed sound stage. No, these are real bullets and the real warriors are simply average folk who are scared out of their wits most of the time, praying that they get to live another day while doing the most incredible things the horror of which that a civilian could not even begin to imagine. There is little glamour in watching your friends die and for that first brief moment thanking God it was not you, before you mourn them, nor are there any flags or parades at 3 AM when you wake up screaming as you replay the battle over and over, night after night, seeing your friends die and looking in the face of every one that you have killed... True it was either them or you, but you can’t help but remember they were fighting for their families too. No my friends don’t glamorize war for it truly is Hell in living color and I just thank God that there still men women out there that are willing to stand up and say; Hey I’ll do it, I will go because, America is worth it. God bless these people, every one of them and please continue to honor their resolve and also pray that they will come home to their families some day, but don’t glorify the fires of hell, for as necessary as war is in this evil self-serving world, it is never quite worth the cost we must pay in the lives of our warriors for in real life they are after all, our sons, our daughters, our mothers, our fathers and our friends! Truly the freedoms we enjoy in this nation do not come cheap; the cost has always been paid in the blood of millions of our loved ones. So why I wonder, do we throw away our precious right to vote by wasting it on those who have vowed they would destroy us and call it change. God Bless our Warriors God help our nation!
Well at least that is my opinion
Big J

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