Thursday, September 10, 2009

Open Letter To Bishop Mark Hanson ELCA

It is with great sorrow that I must write this letter to the presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. As a citizen of this once great nation and a long time practicing Lutheran I have for years mourned the moral decay of a society that at one point in history was indeed great, but alas her honor of late has been tarnished. Sadly this has become the norm not only in our society but also worldwide oozing into every facet our culture as well as into our churches of all denominations. I have always been proud of the fact that the Lutheran synods stood on the high ground in the face the demonic assaults on our families that is until the 21 of September 2009 when the ELCA with a 2/3’s majority made the decision to implement synod policy which will in effect render the sanctified blood of Jesus the Christ as “irrelevant” thereby having no real need or purpose in the so called Christian community of life.
I must now mourn a church which having given way to the demands of the world has not fallen from grace, rather they have willing fled from it. In their demented wisdom this prestigious body of church leaders and prominent theologians has officially ordained a new ELCA doctrine of “committed personal choice” issuing that it shall supersede the need for any expressions of repentance or prayers for forgiveness relevant to personal lifestyle choices. Atonement is no longer an issue for any individual without regard to either commandment or commission from God as defined by His Holy Word. Simply stated you have elected that “sin” as defined by scripture shall remain sin. Any judgment or condemnation for commission of that sin however, shall be waived in light of the church doctrine so long as you are personally committed to your manor of living no matter how wicked. I am sure that every man that has been looking to dump his wife or anyone else wishing to enter into some kind of an elicit relationship with children, pets or whatever, will all embrace your brave decision to reject scripture and to move out from the light into the darkness of this world.

So now the world quietly awaits God’s endorsement of your actions. In the meantime however without fanfare it continues to pursue its debase existence proclaiming violence, immorality and decadent lifestyles as being the norm and a politically correct manner of life, while the proclamation righteousness shall still be considered by those of the world as evil.

Bishop you have made your decisions and the die has been cast, may Almighty God have mercy on your demented souls. As for me and my house we shall continue to serve the Lord and our first task will be to pray for the millions of souls which may well be forever lost thanks to the Bishops of the ELCA and their fervent love of this world with all its pleasures.
Hey it'a just my opinion but I stand by it,
Big J.