Friday, August 15, 2008

Change But At What Cost

August 15, 2008
Random Thought

The biggest mistake a man can make is to trust a man who has no friends, for a man without friends is so with reason. Oh you may befriend him if you will but never trust until he has proved himself in the fire.

Change But At What Cost

Is it just me or is every body out there sick and tired of hearing about the Clintons. Come on people, they are out of it, dead and buried lets leave them that way. Why do I care whether or not Hillary is campaigning against Obama or whether or not she likes this or that? What I care most about is the fact this certified broom riding witch along with her pet monkey is out of my face and hopefully my life forever. Enough is enough most of our ex-presidents had the dignity to ride off into the sunset and appear again only on state occasions as a curtsy to our visiting dignitaries. I would certinly hope that these two socialist want-ta-bee’s would have the decency to do the same. Can’t they comprehend that the people have spoken and there message is, “Go Away”! Or are their egos so huge that they could actually think real people like them. Not!!! Since we are on the subject maybe they can take that braying jackass Jimmy Boy Carter with them. He has done enough damage to this country on his sojourns around the world that our reputation is permanently trashed. Not to mention the damage he did by pardoning Clinton for acts of treason and John “Screw them I’m out of here” Kerry for his questionable if not less than honorable service during the Viet Nam War. Oh yeah John baby we still remember,” Golly Gee Martha maybe them Quickie Boats folk were right, he is a looser!”

Anyway… don’t get me started it seems every time I try to get laid back and chilled, some fool trucks a Liberal Democrat into my office and sets me off on another tirade whereby I want to genetically purify the race of all but certified conservative Republicans. Yeah I know, still, it would be more peaceful. Now don’t get me wrong I am sure that these people can’t help being gullible and socially impotent, it is the result of all that inbreeding by the drugged out hippies. I wonder how many of these people have the first or middle name of “Charlie”… Anyway we have to remember the Democrats of three or four decades ago were a different breed. Most of them were patriots at heart, they served in the Military, worked hard, and were family oriented not to mention the fact that most were darn fine neighbors. Even my Mom and Dad were Democrats and in fact, please forgive me for this, so was I for a time. That is until LBJ tried to get a whole bunch of folk killed by sending them unarmed and hands tied behind their back, right into the arms of Charlie. Dear old Linden B. Johnson, I always wondered how that big of a man, and I use the term biologically only, could walk around upright without having any form of a spine at all. Amazing! Oh well he is just another fly speck on the leaf of a history book now. Nor do I blame LBJ alone, I also remember that Congress had a vary large part in that war, too large. I could never figure out how a bunch of straight legged (Non-Airborne) civilians could even imagine that they were smart enough to run a war without screwing it up, and screw it up they did. You know someone reminded me the other day and unfortunately I don’t remember who it was, anyway, they reminded me that the founders of this nation were men of commerce, hard working business men with strong ethical principles. They focused on the business of government and expected people to exercise there freedom to run their own lives without stepping on their neighbors turnip patch. They expected each state to govern it self within the confines of the Constitution and Bill of Rights which were constructed in such a manner to insure that the individual rights and freedoms of every citizen was guaranteed and protected by law. Under these men who would serve only a short term in office and then return to their business, the nation prospered and grew into a model of honest highly principled government, a beacon to those seeking freedom and opportunity. It wasn’t until we started putting Lawyers and professional politicians in office and then leaving them there that things started to rapidly go down hill. You know, people are crying out for change and that is truly what we need in this country, change. We need to change our dipper, throw out the old nasty one in politics now, and go back to a fresh innocent one like the ones we started with. It is simple as that folks, the only change we need to make is to find and elect people with integrity into office and then change them frequently. Career politicians become accustomed to power and begin to use it for their own good to the exclusion of the electorate. Which is precisely what Nancy Pelosi is doing on vacation right now. She said that she is preventing an up and down vote on drilling for the good of the people! What people? That statement is pure politics and pure and simple is nonsense! If she cared for the people she would submit to the will of the majority not pander to special interest groups. No, what she is doing is protecting her power base and hoping to keep the American people from finding out that she and her fellow Democrats are doing what is best for themselves and their special friends. If I had a nickel of my own I would bet it all on the belief the she has found a way to increase her personal fortunes by not drilling and is quite willing to put her constituents up to their ears in debt in the process. One can only wonder if her hubby has any interest in the development and production of alternative fuels. Hmmmm! With friends like these in Washington we don’t really need any enemies!

Oh well, this is after all folks, only my considered opinion of what is happening. I do firmly believe however that we are in deep trouble and if the American people don’t stand up and take our country back from these leaches otherwise we will be, Ohhh so screwed in 2009.

You have good night; this is the Big J saying God Bless and keep the faith.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Globial Warming Fantasies

It occurs to me that everybody talks about the weather but no 0ne actually does anything about it. The reason of course is that no one can do anything about it unless you believe those imbeciles that follow along as Al Gore happily leads them all by the nose down the yellow brick road looking for the Wizard. Not surprisingly, the Wizard this merry band of the blissfully uninformed is seeking is every bit as phony as the one in the Land of Oz One can only wonder why these disciples of ignorance have not caught on to the fact that their leader has not only increased his personal wealth by over 100 million dollars promoting this charade, but at the same time gleefully ignores his own mantra of giving up your comforts to save energy as he jets around the world burning copious amounts of fuel and the increasing energy consumption at his Tennessee home has gone up by a factor of 2 over the last 18 months or so according to the latest reports from the Tennessee’s energy gurus. Obviously Mr. Gore feels that as a Nobel Prize winner he is above all this menial conservation nonsense, that kind of stuff only applies to the tax paying working class in this country. Of course we must all remember that he is somehow buying so called carbon unit credits from some obscure man down in the Amazon who doesn’t apparently own a tractor or otherwise use any discernable energy therefore enabling big Al to use this man’s carbon footprint to help off set his own. I am not quite sure how big Al is actually paying this person if at all, it seems like it has something to do with planting a tree somewhere in his name or some other skillfully fabricated fa├žade but since it is all a lot of malarkey anyway it really does not matter. Now I say this in light of the fact that there is actually no real scientific consensus on the damage being caused by CO2 emissions in the first place and certinly not on those supposedly created my human intervention. The evidence presented by Mr. Gore's so called team of experts, all of which have little or no scientific credentials in the first place, has been refuted time and time again by those folk actually working in the field. There are over 31000 scientist world wide who have out and out rejected the hypothesis that man made CO2 emissions are having any negligible impact on global temperatures.

So having said all of that, if any of these things are true, as I believe they are, why do we continue to chase the elusive Wizard? Why are so many people so intent on blowing this whole issue out of proportion? By the way many of these folk are the same ones who predicted a new ice age back in the seventies. Well, I am afraid the answer is all too simple, the Liberal Democrats are totally committed to the pursuit alternative fuels at all costs, in spite the fact that we have sufficient resources within our own nation to stave off any crisis and still keep gas prices from skyrocketing. What is even more bazaar is that by utilizing our available resources we would have ample time to allow industry to pursue these alternatives in an intelligent and orderly fashion without disrupting Americas households. This can only happen however if we are allowed to develop those off shore and ANWAR resources otherwise we will end up indebted to foreign oil, i.e. the Middle East. Development of all of these national resources by the way can be accomplished in environmentally friendly ways with out endangering any elk, bears or sea snakes nor without causing them any emotional distress. I recently found out that the congressional ban on drilling and exploration is only good for one year and must be renewed and voted each year and normally has been camouflaged in those bills which are necessary to keep the government running, which happens this year in September. Does any of this start any bells ringing? So then to avoid an up and down vote on the energy bill and risk exposing their bias the Democrats, specifically Nancy Pelosi, have thrown down the gauntlet and basically told the American people at least those who are listening that she could care less what the people of this nation want because she is in charge and to prove it she closed down the House of Representatives for five weeks and went on vacation. Ahhh, but that is fuel for another tirade at a later date. My point of course it this, why are we the American people allowing the incompetent, uninformed and financially vested bureaucrats to make decisions for us while we ignore the qualified scientist who are educated and actually working in the appropriate fields. The United Nations report is a joke, prepared by only those unqualified scientist who had a vested interest in the outcome. It is the UN’s plan to tap the Treasury of the United States to the tune of approximately 18000 dollars per tax paying family for the purpose of subsidizing those third world nations who may suffer the ravages of some future floods or droughts which ostensively might be caused by Global Warming. Face it folks, Its all about the money and so far a lot of people in this country seem to be dozing in front of their HDTV and buying this garbage because it is easer not to rock the boat and besides they don’t want the hassle. Well good luck to us all because I believe we are in deep dodo without a paddle or a rope, but hey, this is all just my opinion and since no one has died and made me God, I guess I will have to stand back and join with the doctor who told his sickly patient, “Hey the autopsy will prove who is right”!

Good Night Ya All and keep the faith, remember they kin kill us but they can’t eat us, its against the law!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So What Is New

People keep telling me that the big four voted against English as our primary language in this country. So what is new here? The Big four. Senator Biden, Senator Clinton, Senator Dodd and Senator Obama, these four morons in concert with the Kennedy Clan have voting against America since JFK was assented. It is hardly surprising that they voted against the American people again. What is surprising is that people are surprised by it. This is just one of many fronts nationally where we are loosing the battle, In fact we have already lost the battle and are in grate danger of loosing the war right now. And what are we conservatives in this country doing about it? We are letting those supposed conservative Talk Radio champions stir up such a heated frenzy over McCain’s short falls, which granted are many, but if we do not elect him in 2008 then Obama is going to be our next, and very possible our last President. I am sorry if those arrogant bags of hot air are offended by McCain, actually I am offended by him too some times, but he is the only one running who can at least hold this country together long enough for us to hopefully find someone out there somewhere with the guts to stand up and take charge. Admittedly we have not got much to choose from. The Reagan worshipers out there are all talk and no go and I must say proudly that I admired and respected that man more than any other president in my life time bar none. But unfortunately the “me too’s” out there like Gingrich for example who talks a good game while he siphons money out of the Republican party campaign coffers to feather his own nest, don’t seem to get it. President Reagan wasn’t a magician or a mystic with super national powers, Ronald Reagan was simply a charming man with moral and ethical standards unlike any we have seen lately, but he also had the strength and courage to stand in the face of a hostile congress and lead them. If they didn’t go his way, he went to the American people and talked to them and the people mostly said to congress, DO It! That is because Ronald Reagan walked the walk and talked the talk and conducted himself with honor and respect even in the face of outward and open hostility from many of the people who now fawn over his memory. He had his problems too like the Contra Arms Media Scandal but compared to the overall good he accomplished I could live with it, that was small potato’s compared to what has gone on since then.

Sorry folks but I don’t have time for this election nonsense any more, I have only one choice this time like it or not and right now I am trying to figure our just how we can keep it together until next time. I want to know what can I do to make sure we can turn this nation around, not to anther time, unlike Ronny I can’t ride very well, but rather to the strong values, moral stability and ethical behavior of another time. In my humble opinion Americans must to come to there senses and realize that it was never a Bill of Rights it was, and is, a Bill of Responsibilities where by the government does not care for the sickly and poor, their neighbors do, the government does not educate our children and give them values, the family does. And by the way parents need to realize that once they start a family it is their primary job put their own lusts on hold, they have kids to raise and to provide a secure environment for them. We should also start teaching our children and now a days even our adults about our forefathers sacrifices in building this nation, not their indiscretions. They weren’t perfect, none of us are, but they did one hell of a job in building a nation from scratch. We call that nation, that one nation under God, the United States of America. I don’t know where all of you stand but I will tell you this, this poor old Lutheran Boy spends time every day asking God not only to forgive us for the mess we have made but also in His great mercy to renew and restore us teaching us once again to stand up for what we believe and fight for what we once were, a nation who stood for honesty, dignity and integrity in the face of all opposition from within and without. That’s the America I want back.

There you have it, that is my opinion you can take it or leave it as you will but I will tell you, I still love this country and think it is worth fighting for, whatever it takes…