Monday, August 31, 2009

Stand Up Oh Men Of God

On September 21 2009 Satan walked onto a battlefield in Minnesota and threw down the gauntlet challenging God’s people in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America to a dare to fight him, and fight him we shall even if it means from the rubble of our sanctuaries around the world. This battle has been brewing in the Lutheran Church for some time in various forms and has been escalating with every passing year until now when the forces of evil won what they think will be the final battle. Nor is this strictly a Lutheran battle, it is a universal one that is challenging every protestant denomination throughout the world. I must admit to being a bit shaken at first until I remembered that this war has already been won and Satan has already lost when our Savoir and Lord Jesus Christ walked away from His tomb. Since that day Satan has been defeated and has no power over us unless we choose to give it to him. What we have here then is not a battle; it is simply a skirmish with the remnants of a defeated army. Nor does it have anything to do with so called sexuality per say, that is simply an emotional decoy used by the worldly to suck in the weak minded and spiritually uncommitted, those who would prefer the politically correct world with all its pleasures and perversions while they smugly masquerade as respectable and benevolent citizens accepting of all others. Once however you blow away the smoke from the battlefield you find the same old foe, “Sin” and Satan hand and hand! There is no mystery here except to those who are unfamiliar with scripture altogether or those intellectual misfits with special interests. For some inexplicable reason these folk have not got the message which is that it really doesn’t matter what the world proclaims in their streets and byways, nor does the hysterical ranting of the pious black robed guardians of evil calling themselves Judges change one single thing, in God’s eyes sin is still sin as delivered in and defined by the Holy Writ. If anyone continues to engage in a sinful lifestyle they shall come under His judgment period. There is nothing on earth or in heaven that will ever change those facts short of the cross. It is all so incredibly simple, come to the cross accepting Jesus as your Savior and the under the shelter and power of His grace clean up your act and you shall live according the promise of God. Or on the other hand you may reject the cross by continuing to live in sin and come under God’s judgment again according to his promise. Living a sinful lifestyle whether or not you are committed to it, is irrelevant, do it and you will die, Simple! Yet once again God calls His warriors to take to the fields so if you be a warrior, the question then becomes on who’s side will you fight. Shall we stay and fight like warriors of light or run and hide like the cowardly hoping against hope that somehow this will all go away and we will have a fairytale ending. The problem is that fairytale endings only happen in Fairytales. Brothers and Sisters in Christ once again the time has come to gird our loins and put on the armor of God for the enemies of the cross who are the wolves of the gospel, have revealed themselves at last and have set upon the flock.
But Hey, Its just my opinion!
Big J

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