Sunday, August 23, 2009

America’s Plunge Into The Historical Abyss

In the imperfect world of man, before the onset of secularism, there were always certain personal traits respected by virtually everyone. Among them were: integrity, honesty, loyalty, courage and forbearance. For one to possess these qualities they were considered to be a neighbor of good repute within that community, in other words the average American good citizen. Moral behavior was not considered a form of discipline being forcibly thrust upon us; rather it was considered common good sense. In those days children were protected from the seamier aspects of life and raised with a sense of purpose and respect for others within the community. Today however these qualities have little value and are even discouraged in some circles. In fact the term loving your neighbor has taken on a whole new connotation altogether. These transgressions, which were driven in part by the infusing of many conflicting cultures within a single civilization, have caused a loss in our sense of direction here in America, replacing family values with a misdirected mired of humanistic forms of pseudo compassion driven by artificially inflated feelings of self worth rather than by the honest feelings of accomplishment earned through hard work and a sincere focused belief in a creator God, who does in fact have the final say relative to our eternity. However those without any sense of responsibility, the free spirit if you will, can focus on the monumental task of appeasing those primal gods within us all. Life without the enforced potential of judgment begets a freeborn society without the responsibility to contribute anything beyond ones individual presents, the proverbial “Me” of course, being the greater of importance. Society therefore shall fulfill the supreme roll of becoming our benefactors using the necessary resources developed by the physical toil and financial contributions of others. Even though this commentary is directed at the developing culture here in America, it is not untypical of other great nations in history who in a relatively short time fell into the dust and by divine providence became the scholarly domain of the history books.

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